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New to Forex trading industry? Perplexed  because of the various suggestions and advices on how to trade and become a successful Pro in Forex Trading? Exhausted because of the ceaseless losses? Then, take a cue from the stars of  Tradingintels.

Who are we? 

In the Year 2011, Tradingintels was started by a young and vibrant team and presently we are proud to say that our team has excelled in the Forex trading industry with impeccable standards and track records. Also, our team has worked and is working with Major Financial Institutions and various Forex brokers as Forex Trader, Fund Manager, MT4 Administrator, MT4 Dealer and many other different positions in Forex Trading Companies.

We know how difficult it is to learn the A to Z of Forex trading and we also know how laborious it is to achieve in this industry. Keeping all these demanding aspects and the experience; we are offering Forex trading Education courses and also we are offering the Expert analysis on buying and selling the currency pairs in forex market via our Forex signals.

So, what  are you waiting for?

Start to Learn, Trade Forex market combining both Fundamentals and technical in a ways that you have not seen before with the help of Forex Experts team.

Don’t Trade Forex market all the time, trade Forex only when  good opportunities  are available in the market.

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