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What is Forex Broker ?

WHO IS A FOREX BROKER ? To keep it simple,let’s say you want to buy an Orange, so you go to a street market. The Orange is what you want to buy – the street market is the place where you can do this because that is where people are selling Oranges. Similarly, imagine...

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Profitable Trade management Guideline for Forex Trader.

TRADE MANAGEMENT APPROACHES Opening account with a broker and funding, you are set to start making money in forex ? you just entered a position and successfully executing your position, it is now time for trade management. This refers to all the activities and actions...

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Ten Things You Should Know Before Starting Forex Trading

TEN THINGS YOU SHOULD KNOW BEFORE STARTING FOREX TRADING Forex trading has always caught the interest of investors and people looking to increase their money by knowing how the currency markets works. With an increased number of options to look at and the worldwide...

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